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Muhammed Aslam
Education is the best tool for empowerment. It makes a person refined within, and when this person interacts with the neighborhood, the result will be a better society, a better people, ultimately leading to the formation of a better country. So education has a pivotal role in building the nation. The best investment is investment in education. It is human capital. The result may not be felt immediately, But it will have a prestigious impact when today's students become the future citizens

Building human resource to serve the people is one objective of education, though it is not the primary objective. Education should be holistic and all embracing which goes beyond the class room and text books. It helps to grab the meaning of life. It is such an education that we aim at our college, with its novel courses delivered by the excellent faculty and well supported by good infrastructure. It is our hope that the institution will reach new heights of academic excellence with equal focus on social commitment. Our joint efforts will make it possible.

May the almighty bless us all